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Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Mon Jun 5 11:10:37 2006

I got to attend two Black & Blue shows in Jan. and June of 2001! I had a blast! That tour was bittersweet, but if holds a special place in my heart! I remember seeing Howie on the small stage and screaming my head off! Great memories!

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Sun Mar 5 14:56:16 2006

I already went to their concert
in my home town of Cincinnati
OH and it was an awesome concert
even though I lost my hearing and
voice the next day


Submitted by ginger doyle from starks la USA
Date: Tue Mar 12 23:05:04 2002

I went to the one in virginia with my sister in law and niece. It was neat and they were fine.I loved it.

Submitted by autumn aka kidnicky from anaheim ca USA
Date: Wed Jan 30 13:19:08 2002

hey i went to the b&b tour too in march 20001, i had a great seat sec 2 row 8 on the floor and the concert was great... and i threw nick my baby a white bear he caught it...omg k.t.n.c.p.a.
i also went to the one in oct 2001 and jnn in 2000
and in 1999 i saw them 4 times and in 1998 3x
that = 10

if anyone went to the concert at staple center the first day email me or i need bsb friends i have none
remember to do this k.t.b.s.p.a. k.t.n.c.p.a.

Submitted by bsb's baby love from montreal canada Canada
Date: Mon Jan 21 17:27:51 2002

yep. i went on sept 17th when they were in montreal n they were amzin! it was the best 1 i've been 2 n i only went 2 3. it was the best cuz brian waved 2 me n my firends n i saw kevin like face 2 face! it was awsome!
micha xoxox

Submitted by BSBBBBB from USA
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:36:33 2002

hey guys.. listen im here to tell you all that i'm gonna be doing a scrap book for the backstreet boys . this scrap book is going to be made in honor of our appreciation towards them!!!. and to show them that they are and will always be no 1 in our hearts. this book will be given straight to their hands so what im trying to get at here is that if you would like to be in the book please e-mail at the addy below which is or at Howies N Nicks but preferably at the first addy mentioned!!!!. thanx in advanced . o and just so u ppl know this book will be consisted of bsb concert expriences,bsb encounters,poems,letters,songs,small messages,drawlings,pics ,etc..... so agian if you would like to be in it please e-mail me with one of the following things mentioned previously . thanx agian in advanced ... please do this for them please show them that they are and always be no 1 in our hearts and to thank them for everything and show them just how much they mean to us. if you have any Questions or comments Feel free to e-mail me . bye o and one more thing in the e-mail please be sure 2 include ur name where u are from age and favorite backstreet boys name. thanx a bunch toodles!

Submitted by Amanda from Peoria IL USA
Date: Sun Dec 30 01:00:33 2001

I've only seen the BSB 6 times- and 3 of them were B & B concerts in 2001 alone! I saw them on 2/15/01, 6/20/01, and 9/22/01. The best one was the most recent one 'cuz I saw the real Alex live for the first time, and their shows keep getting better and better! My goal is to see them at least 4 times on the next tour! KTBSPA!

Submitted by Andrea from Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
Date: Fri Nov 23 17:29:45 2001

I saw the black and blue tour 3 times this year!!!!! it was the best tour ever! i have seen bsb 10 times !!!!! they are the best band in the world! i cant wait to go to more shows!!!!! KTBPA!!!!! BACKSTREET BOYS FOREVER!

Submitted by Erica from Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
Date: Fri Nov 23 17:26:38 2001

I went to 3 BSB concerts this year!All of them were great.I have seen them 10 times so far and I plan on going to more!KTBPA! BSB FOREVER!

Submitted by peter filosa from Medfield MA USA
Date: Tue Oct 9 19:23:59 2001

Hi My name is peter filosai saw you guy's monday sept 9 it was the best time of my life
i was with my special needs group
i like you guys very much you guys are the best

peter filosa

Submitted by BsBLuVaH from Canada
Date: Sun Sep 16 17:04:51 2001

i went to black & blue concert last thursday here in toronto and I would have to say it was the most amazing night of my life. FIRST OF seat was just a NOT-SO-BAD seat was 36th row on the i wasnt THAT far from the main stage BUT then im small, so I got to stand on my chair the WHOLE time and i could see them PERFECTLY!! 2ndly, this is the GOOOOOODD part...I was UNBELIEVABLE CLOSE to them....u know the round center stage where they sing show me the meaning?!?! MY SEAT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO THAT STAGE!!!! IT WAS BESIDE ME!! SO WHEN THEY SHOWED UP ON THAT STAGE....IT WAS LIKE FRONT ROW FOR ME!!! i was leaning against the fence thing and AJ and NICK were sitting INFRONT of me....they were ONE METER away from me!!!!!!!!!! I even climbed the fence a little so I can wave right on aj's face but the guard pulled me down!! LOL!! o well!!I WAS SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I never thought i'd be THAT close!! over rall the concert was AMAZZZZIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!! and i LOVED it!!! and i took SOOO many pictures ...close up ones... u can actually see facial features!!! i LOVE the BSB and they are great and are here to stay! anyways cyall lata!

P.S. they sang drowning last after they sang the call....and it was an amazing song!!!


Submitted by Julie from USA
Date: Thu Aug 23 23:12:10 2001

Wanna go to another one???
FLOOR SEATS IN CINCINNATI!!!!!!!!!!! 8/25/01
Check out my e-bay auction.
Get 2 floor seats for as low as 185!!! Or go ahead and buy them for $200, which is still less than what i paid for them!
IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Mandy from Bear Delaware USA
Date: Tue Aug 21 14:44:08 2001

I went to a BSB concert in Philly on January was awesome..I wish I was able to go to another one! I'll never forget it.

Submitted by Jessica from USA
Date: Mon Aug 13 11:31:43 2001

I went to a B&B concrt on June 13th!!! Raliegh, NC!!! It was the best!!!

Submitted by Becca from MI USA
Date: Thu Aug 2 09:01:51 2001

I went to a B&B concert in michigan this year and on sept. 20 im going to see it again

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