Black & Blue: What do you think about the new album title?

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Submitted by Ashley Grabowski from Grafton North Dakota United States
Date: Mon Aug 6 18:40:48 2007

While this is an old album, I'll admit that I am late on comment. I liked the name Black and Blue... as they say, the name's up to the guys really, whatever title they come up with.

By the way, if you guys don't believe me, check out, but the new BSB album is said to be called "Motivation". That's an appropriate title in my opinion. These guys have been motivated for the last ten years to make music for us fans to listen to, so I think this title is appropriate for this CD.

The new CD comes out on October 30, 2007, Tuesday. Mark your calandars people!

Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Fri Oct 7 21:13:00 2005

It is a cool title with my two favorite colors! I think Black and Blue is a great album and the title just fits!

Submitted by Betsy from Louisville KY USA
Date: Sun Dec 30 21:51:31 2001

Ok, please e-mail me on this one w/ your thoughts: I've heard them say that "B&B" is from a photo shoot or whatever...Yeah...I don't believe a word of it. I think it's some kind of inside joke w/ them that they're not letting us in on. They all seem to get very nervous when talking about it (Watch the end of Making the video-Shape of my heart)and Brian always has to explain it...what's up w/ that?

Submitted by To the previous Entry- from Australia
Date: Sat Nov 3 22:42:42 2001

So far Ive heard them make up more than one explaination for the title.
"Oh we took some inspiration from other albems like Back and black etc....
Err, thanx for trying to make it sound less tacky Kevin.
Actually an original explanation came from Brian saying they were thinking about the title and came up with Black and Blue from a set they were in at the time. (for a photo shoot or something.)
So its not symbolic or meaningful.
Which is kinda stupid if you compare it to their deep and meaningful lyrics.
But I guess they didnt really write those so it fits together.

Submitted by jackson chindowa from harare zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Date: Mon Oct 22 08:50:19 2001

its a good album...but backstreet is back remains the biggest.....what does the title mean anywhere??Can bboys fans please tell me...

Submitted by Melanie from USA
Date: Sat Jul 14 17:43:35 2001

black&blue kicked major ass! i love the title! and the cd cover! plain is plain, but good! backstreet's back, hell ya! KTBPA! i love the songs, the ballads are beautiful, and the fast songs will kick nsyncs behinds majorly! although bsb is slowly fading out (which is a bad thing) they still rock. and i know they have millions of fans around the world!

Submitted by Sinead from Willenhall, westmids United Kingdom
Date: Thu May 17 12:12:48 2001

Black and Blue is fab! I love the album and all the tracks on it! Not for me is great, and so is Shining Star, yet it still isn't my fave, Backstreet's back is still the greatest.
As this is their 4th album here in the uk, i thought i'd just say that is sooooo gonna get high in the album charts! every1 luvs bsb!

Although the name expresses their feelings, i really think that *N-sync should have named their second album b&B, becus when bsb hav finished whooping their asses at award ceremonies, that's all we'll see of 'em!

Also, as a final note, 'No strings attached'? Shud be 'No frills attached'!


Submitted by Chloe from Canada
Date: Sun Apr 1 12:09:09 2001

I love the guys and all, but if I was an artist I would want the name of my albulm to have a meaning. Brian came up w/ it when they did a photo shoot w/ black and blue, come on! I love Brian to death, but thats kinda stupid! When I first heard it, the first thing I thought of was how N'Sync (sidenote: I aboslutley hate N'Sync, but I am just telling the truth) beat them black and blue summer of 2000 or so. (Of course N'Sync are the ones going black and blue now why would they want people's first thought to be that? Another thing I noticed though is how for example, the albulm cover was kinda simple, nothing on it. Well when I first saw it I was like "how stupid", but I have noticed that a lot of older, mature groups do artwork like that for their albulms and it just shows how they have matured on this albulm. I grew up in Canada and since they made it big in Canada b4 they did in the US I have been listening to them for years (although I recently became a very big fan). I am a lot older and more mature now than I was when I first heard them, so their timing totally suited me! (I love going back and listening to how yound their old songs were! And I love them all becoz they were so cute, but I am glad they grew up.) Well the songs were all AWESOME and thats what matters! And they made it easier to find an outift for the concert!

Submitted by Jolene from Alvin Texas USA
Date: Sat Mar 31 16:15:02 2001

I'd have to say that the CD was ok. A lot of the songs sounded the same, but there were a few good songs, and a couple great songs. Overall, I give it an 8.

Submitted by Monica from Eugene Oregon USA
Date: Thu Mar 29 14:38:37 2001

What does Black and Blue mean? I think it's a good title, but when I first heard it, I thought of a bruise.. You know how bruises are black and blue, and there's a saying, "bruised black and blue".. But whatever, it gave me good colors to wear to the B&B concert! KTBSPA!

Submitted by C.J Bone A.K.A BSB Girl from Cincinnati Ohio USA
Date: Tue Mar 20 19:25:07 2001

I think the title is awsome cos Brian came up with the name while they were doing a shoot of something.

Submitted by Chrissy from Philly!!!!! PA USA
Date: Thu Mar 1 20:48:05 2001

Sad to say, before B&B came out, and I heard about the title, I was like, "what the heck?" But then I found out it was Brian's idea and loved it! lol

Submitted by Danielle from Garden City Michigan USA
Date: Mon Feb 19 18:08:16 2001

I think the name of the album is perfect. It really shows how much they went through these past years.

Submitted by BSB'z Gal from USA
Date: Mon Feb 12 21:12:54 2001

Reading the childish comments of (I'm sure you BSB fans have found more) Someone, Cindy, Not Telling, Scott JoHOnos(notice I exaggerated the HO), really sets me off. B&B is an awesome album and I haven't seen one NSYNC album come close to that status(I'm sure all you NSYNC lover don't know the meaning of that word). Writing BSB SUCKs hundreds of times on a page doesn't prove anything, its very inappropriate and something you should keep to yourself. It just means that they are better than you or someone else(that you like) and you don't want to admit it. Saying that this album isn't good here, there, etc. just tells us that you don't like it but it still doesn't prove anything. NEGATIVE comments are nothing but a piece of sh*t and POSITIVE comments are the perfect thing. Only the positive comments prove something, it is the thing to congratulate someone(s) on their hard work. Anit-BSB fans, get the F*CKING H*LL outta here and don't ever come back again


Submitted by veronica from usa
Date: Wed Jan 24 14:24:36 2001


Submitted by Fern from singapore
Date: Thu Jan 18 11:49:07 2001

Hi everyone,

I think the new album is fantastic and there's a new online promotion team set up by Jive to promote the guys music and fame worldwide. You can help them by following this link below and joining the team so here it is...

Submitted by briansnumba 1! from usa
Date: Tue Jan 16 19:30:24 2001

If you have ANYTHING negative to say about Black & Blue I will personally come to your little house and beat the sh** out of you. This is not a threat, this is a promise! And if your saying B&B sux & i see ur email adress, that is just an easier way to kill you and your little friends! I'nm sick of seeing how much people hate BSB and I WILL do something about it, if I have to kill myself!!! Millennium is an awesome album and I own 48 copies of it (you got a problem with that I'd like you to tell me) B&B is awesome too and I only have 31 copies of that. If your wondering why I have so many copies there are 2 reasons. Reason 1: i sometimes wear the cds out from playing them too mcuh!! Reason 2: NSUCK SUX MAJOR TIME AND I HAD TO THINK OF SOMEWAY THAT BLACK & BLUE WOULD TOP IT, I BOUGHT MORE COPIES MYSELF THAN ANYONE ELSE IN MY TOWN DID! So, anyways, if you are an *NSUCK fan, I hate you, you are ass ugly and I never want to meet your stupid face. I even think you probably get straight F's in school, knowing that's what Justin gets! Justin is such a B!tch and so are his fans. If you ever meet me and you say anything good about them, I can guarantee you "I will beat you severly and make you go to the ER in a hosptial!"

Wel that's it for now, have a good day! owner!~~~

Submitted by keebs from canada
Date: Tue Jan 16 18:53:11 2001

Personally, the name, just, it's not very.... intruiging? (don't mind my awful spelling) It makes me think that another band, let's just take 'N Sync for example, just kicked their asses! And, well, our li'kle hotties can't go around being beat up, can they? But, as to the songs.... Well, some are good... Some just... ehhh, not so good. But what ever, and the look? **raises eyesbrow, and not necissarily in a good way** (I said IGNORE the spelling!!) But, it's a free country... I think!


Submitted by allex from australia
Date: Sun Jan 14 21:02:13 2001

honestly, i hated the "new sound" that millenium had, i like what Black&Blue has to offer, that title "Black&Blue", uhh i don't know quite what to say about it, one thing is for sure, when the backstreet boys ramble on about how cool it is...or how they go on about putting "Black&Blue" on the top shelf along with the "black" album (metallica) or the "white" album (beatles), the B&B is good...but...

now, the cover art...

*sorry to fans if they think i'm being negative, i'm just voicing my opinion...*


"Black&Blue" why didn't they just call it the "Blue" album ???

Submitted by A Girl from israel
Date: Sat Jan 13 07:42:27 2001

I think the album kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's the best!!!!!

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