B&B or Into The Millennium. Which tour was better?

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Date: Tue Feb 17 12:43:38 2009

i want kow becauseonly realise a single function in argentinai could not obtain but entered until joins the money .also thank you by its music will not lack outside of the luna park but be there .
im going to be hoping to listen to its music.

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Submitted by surbhi from USA
Date: Sat Sep 30 13:30:32 2006

I prefer In to the Millennium. That because i saw them in concert when they were on the millennium tour. It was amazing concert

BSB rock

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Sun Mar 5 14:31:20 2006

I would have to say B&B cause that was only I went to to see the backstreet boys but if I saw Milennium then I probably would have said both concert


Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Fri Oct 7 21:04:45 2005

I loved the Black and Blue tour, because it was so creative and the guys looked sexier than ever! I got to take pictures of them on the small stage and getting really excited! The choreography was brillant! Both tours were incredible! Great fun and memories!

Submitted by KELLY from CA USA
Date: Tue Sep 24 17:04:00 2002

B&B was MUCH better cause I was in the SECOND ROW, right in front of NICK & HOWIE!! (My Favorite boys) It seriously was the BEST DAY of my life!!=)

Submitted by Mariam from West Virginia USA
Date: Tue Sep 17 20:08:33 2002

I couldn't see any of them tear* but im sure they were both GREAT!!!
peace out


~*~RoCK oN BsB~*~


Submitted by Paige from USA
Date: Tue Mar 19 20:15:37 2002

I have been to both ITM and B&B and I would have to say that I like B&B better. The main reason being that for the millenium tour I had nose bleed seats and for the black and blue tour I was on the floor in the 11th row. What REALLY made the Black and Blue tour better for me is that at the concert I went to A.J. waved at me while on the bridge, he stood right infront of me, he was SOOO close. Also Brian waved at me and pointed at me as well. They danced great and sang awesome. I think you can see why I liked the Black and Blue tour better than the Millenium tour.

Submitted by autumn aka kidnicky from anaheim ca USA
Date: Wed Jan 30 13:27:18 2002

well I loved itm tour but i loved b&b much much better cuz i got 8 row on the floor, an just after the sang time i threw my white bear to nick and he caught it. and after the show i went to their hotel and i met them they are so nice and nick even kissed me on my cheek and said he thought my hair was phat
and that i'm hott omg.. ktbspa ktncpa

Submitted by bsb's baby love from montreal canada Canada
Date: Mon Jan 21 17:22:28 2002

they we allll amazin' but i liked the black n ble the best cuz they had like back stage n lil scits n it was rite after a.j went through the hard times ,n it was gr8 2 c how good n healthy he looked!
micha xoxox
p.s- it as also the best 1 b-cuz brian waved at me n my firends n i saw kevin no more then a metre a way.... actually he was on the tour bus n my chest was touching it, so that it pretty close!!

Submitted by bsb fan from USA
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:20:44 2002

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Submitted by Theresa! from Corpus Christi TX USA
Date: Thu Jan 10 18:10:39 2002

I would have to say that the B&B tour was the best. This is prolly because it went through so much and had more meaning to it. AJ's battle with alcoholism obviously had an effect on the tour. His comeback allowed him to perform better than ever. I went to the August 30th performance in San Antonio. My seats were actually pretty good, considering the crappy ones I had for the Into the Millenium Tour, but that's a different story. Anyways, on the way to San Antonio we had to go through a thunderstorm. This had to have been one of the scariest driving experiences ever! There was like no end to this rain. Floods were being reported in San Antonio and I feared we werent going to make it to the concert. Thank God we did. While in San Antonio, the weather was perfect...almost as if it was just for the concert. Anways, my mom's friend worked for the local radio station, but unfortunately she couldnt get me anything. But, about 10 minutes before they opened the doors, my mom decided to go talk to her while i went to talk to my friend. When I came back, she came back with her friend. She said she had some extra tix if i wanted them. The first thing I saw was Row 1! I couldnt react. Never in all my life did I imagine something like this would ever happen to me. My friend and I had a concert experience like no other. For some crazy reason, it all feels like it never happened and that it was all a dream. Oh well..i have the pictures, as well as the amazing memories. Sooo...this is my reason why the B&B tour was more memorable. Bye! :D

Submitted by Amanda from Peoria IL USA
Date: Sun Dec 30 00:27:56 2001

Even though I loved the ITM show- I saw it twice- I liked B & B a lot better! I got to see it 3 times *lol* B & B was a better album, and I liked the end stage better than the middle stage. It's a huge improvement after looking back on when I saw the Backstreet's Back tour way bak in '98! KTBSPA!

Submitted by Wendy from Vancouver B.C. Canada
Date: Tue Dec 25 02:31:46 2001

I liked both concerts, but I have to say ITM because they didn't come to Vancouver for the ITM concert so my mom and I went to Portland. We had front row seats!! I almost touched AJ's hand, Kevin waved to me, Brian waved to me and my mom during The Perfect Fan and Nick looked right at me during Quit Playing Games when he sang the line "you better quit playing games with my heart". Howie ignored me which sucked becuase he's my favourite. B&B was also good.

Submitted by Kimberly from Bradenton Florida USA
Date: Mon Dec 24 16:31:17 2001

I unfortunately didn't get to see the ITM concert in Tampa b/c they sold out. then when they came back to St Pete the only seats left were the nosebleed seats. so i didn't go to an ITM concert :(. But, I got to go to the B&B concert in Tampa and it was awesome! I had ok seats. The mini stage was cool b/c i was like 10 feet from nick. Howie waved to me!

Submitted by Amy from KY USA
Date: Sat Dec 8 21:51:02 2001

ITM was way better!!!!! I mean, don't get me wrong. I loved the B&B, but ITM was my first concert! It was so awesome! We had 7th row seats too!!!!!!! Our concert was at Indy on March 11 at 7:30 in 2000! I'm shown in the Burger King vid!!!!! ITM was just soooo awesome!! The pentagon made it soo unique! Plus, Millenium was my first CD of theirs!! I almost got to touch all 5 BSB! I had to stand on a girls seat! But I didn't :( If I had, my right hand would have fungus all over it right now!!!!! Anyway, ITM WAS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BSB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRIAN, I'M FROM YOUR HOMETOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Danielle Woodard from Atlanta Georgia USA
Date: Wed Nov 7 23:20:43 2001

well to me B&B was better because i loved all the kewl sound affects and Nelly opened up for us and it was tight and so was Krystle she rocks!! BSB NUMBER 1 AND AJ IS FINE!!!!!!

Submitted by Juju from Fl USA
Date: Tue Sep 25 14:37:01 2001

First of all i have been to the guys first ever concert and it was the most beautiful,wonderful thing i have ever been to. But between Millinnum and Black & Blue "Its Gotta Be" B&B i loved the effects and Shaggy (opening act) was very awesome. I didnt have good seats (nose bleed section) but BSB made a point to reach all there fans with the second stage. How cool was that! Anyways take care BSB fans hope you get to see the guys in concert near you.

Submitted by kathleen from michigan USA
Date: Sun Sep 23 14:02:02 2001

B&B!!! better dance moves, special effects, the guys look hotter than last time,and i like this album better

Submitted by BsBLuVaH from Canada
Date: Sun Sep 16 17:03:19 2001

i didnt go to the millenium tour but i went to the black & blue tour last thursday here in toronto and I would have to say it was the most amazing night of my life. FIRST OF ALL....my seat was just a NOT-SO-BAD seat...my seat was 36th row on the floor...so i wasnt THAT far from the main stage BUT then im small, so I got to stand on my chair the WHOLE time and i could see them PERFECTLY!! 2ndly, this is the GOOOOOODD part...I was UNBELIEVABLE CLOSE to them....u know the round center stage where they sing show me the meaning?!?! MY SEAT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO THAT STAGE!!!! IT WAS BESIDE ME!! SO WHEN THEY SHOWED UP ON THAT STAGE....IT WAS LIKE FRONT ROW FOR ME!!! i was leaning against the fence thing and AJ and NICK were sitting INFRONT of me....they were ONE METER away from me!!!!!!!!!! I even climbed the fence a little so I can wave right on aj's face but the guard pulled me down!! LOL!! o well!!I WAS SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I never thought i'd be THAT close!! over rall the concert was AMAZZZZIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!! and i LOVED it!!! and i took SOOO many pictures ...close up ones... u can actually see facial features!!! i LOVE the BSB and they are great and are here to stay! anyways cyall lata!

P.S. they sang drowning last after they sang the call....and it was an amazing song!!!


Submitted by Michelle from NJ USA
Date: Mon Sep 10 19:19:46 2001

OK..I've been to 1 Millenium concert and 2 Black and Blue concerts (1 was the night of the VMA's a couple of days ago at East Rutherford..lets not bring up what we all feel bout that nite)..and it just so happens that I got to go to front row by the sides of the stage where they can touch your hand.(I had connections..lol)..N i have to say that I luved Black and Blue the second time around...I was about an inch away from touching Howie..AHHHHH!!!..n Kevin waved at me n 3 of my friends cuz we were really the only one's in that section...Now if you've been to both tours you'll know what I'm talkin bout...B&B was more lively,the crowd was more into it (especially Nick's 'moves'),n when they did the video of them in 50 years...that was AWESOME...even though Millenium had more special effects with them flying in the air, B&B was more of what they should be like...they don't need the special effects to be popular to have the most fun...Their BSB n whatever they do will always be better than the first time around. Ohh n b4 i 4get..DROWNING IS 1 OF THEIR BEST SONGS..HANDS DOWN...I CRIED THE 1ST TIME I HEARD IT!!..EVERY1 GET THEIR CD..U WON'T REGRET IT!..I LUV U BSB!!! ~*~MuAhZ~*~

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