The Nick Name Game

This mystery seems to have been solved. According to Nick's mother Jane, it's spelled Nickolas Gene Carter. She states this on page 25 of her new book which is called "The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter; Secrets Only a Mother Knows" (ISBN: 0451408950)

Katherine J. Eckstein sent me this quote from the book:

"We decided to name our child Nickolas for several reasons. Christmas had passed not too long before, of course, so old St. Nick was an ispiration. I chose to spell it Nickolas with a 'k' and not the 'h' that is traditional. (At the time we liked to watch a popular television show called "Eight is Enough." The youngest star in that rollicking brood was named Nicholas, and he caught our fancy.) To the Nickolas, we added Gene. This was for Bob, as it is his middle name."

If you're still interested in the Nick Name Game then here it is:

What I thought was a simple question turned out to be not so simple:

How do you spell Nick's full name? Is it Nicholas Gene Carter or Nickolas Gene Carter?

I have received a number of "gee... are you dumb or what" emails telling me that it's Nicholas and not Nickolas. What kind of a fan am I if I can't spell Nick's name right!

I was shocked. Have I been spelling his name incorrectly for all this time? I had to find out so the first thing I did was to check out some of the Nick sites from my links page. Alas, page after page spelled it Nicholas. Then I found a couple of pages that spelled it Nickolas. There was still hope.

The next place I looked was the official site. In the VIP biography section on Nick, his full name is clearly spelled "Nickolas Gene Carter". Phew! I replied to one of those nasty emails stating that the official page spells it Nickolas but this is the response that I got:

"Well, hello? On every single magizine.....they spell it Nicholas. Just look."

Could the official site be wrong? They have been before so I decided to do some more checking. First, I posted a message to the news group asking how it was spelled. I got mixed results. No one was able to confirm the spelling.

Next, I searched the Internet (September 98) using 4 popular search engines and came up with the following results:


  • +Nickolas +Gene +Carter = 101 hits
  • +Nicholas +Gene +Carter = 2,234 hits


  • +Nickolas +Gene +Carter = 423 hits
  • +Nicholas +Gene +Carter = 6,887 hits


  • +Nickolas +Gene +Carter = 82 hits
  • +Nicholas +Gene +Carter = 1,560 hits


  • +Nickolas +Gene +Carter = 6 hits
  • +Nicholas +Gene +Carter = 38 hits

As you can see, it seems that the vast majority of sites on the Internet spell it Nicholas. Someone called EarlessDB! posted a scanned image of a fact sheet that Nick filled out for Teen Beat magazine. It included his full name in his writing.

Want to know how to spell his name? If so then click here!

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