2018 BSB FAN CONVENTION/25th Anniversary Celebrati
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From: Charlene
Date: Wed Nov 22, 16:58

It's been 13 years since our last convention. Better late than never -- right? LOL

Please join us on March 2-3, 2018 to celebrate the Backstreet Boys' 25th Anniversary in Hanover, Maryland. Denise Solis (AJ's Mom) will be our Special Guest. For more info visit our website at: http://bsbfanconventionmaryland.webs.com or email me Charlene at: singlemom4bsb@gmail.com. You can also visit our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/BSBFanConventionMD.

Hope to see you there & KTBPA!!

Charlene Harris


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Subject: Re:2018 BSB FAN CONVENTION/25th Anniversary Celebrati
From: Unbelievable..
Date: Thu Jan 18, 11:52

Gosh .. KTBSPA .. xD 25 years.. I can't believe it has already reached all that time. No, seriously.. First time heard about them.. 1996? 22 years of existence nearly.. Time goes so fast ..

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