this is just so silly...
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Subject: this is just so silly...
From: xxxDesireexxx
Date: Mon Aug 22, 06:37

Um. I just wanna write a few silly things. I feel lonely. I got no friends. I had just a few, but they're gone. I have problems with my family. Yes, nothing new, all so typical. Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me. Sometimes I think it is not me, it is just my attitude and people around. But still I tend to think there's a problem with my own self. As the stories tend to repeat.

I am trying to understand what are my mistakes. What is wrong with my behavior. It sounds funny, but I started to read articles about personality problems and such to find out what are my mistakes.

Having heard that all people we meet in our lives (including the family) and all situations that we face, are our lessons. That everyting happens for a reason to teach us something. Or to make us understand something. And as long as we do not learn a lesson or do not understand that certain thing, we will come over it again and again. The same type of people will be sent to us again and again. Ok. Might be true.

But if I do not understand what is my lesson and what should I learn? So I got to get upset everytime it happens to me. lol. Till I finally get it. The thing is, I do not even have anyone to support me or to help me to pass it through. Except God, of course.

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